24 February 2014


There's nothing more pleasing than wearing the plaids of an ancient tartan, while every year it crops up on the runway-and in rooms.

For Fall 2014 Simone Rocha took cues from “Elizabeth I & Her People,” the National Portrait Gallery exhibition about Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers- their costumes and jewels. The 27 year old Irish Rocha modernized the look but never wavered from beauty, and details like encrusted glass bead embroidery with tartan or Elizabethan ruffles in tartan.


tune in all this week for more CLAN TARTAN at little augury.


  1. Lordy! When I was sent to boarding school from Pasadena California......to Northampton. Massachustts......I thought I was sent to the "Gulag"!!

    There was a tiny divine shop in a part of Northampton I think I could find (not sure)!
    It specialized in kilts; made in the "family tartans"!

    Being 14 , I had no idea of the rarity and the value.....of this shop! IDID know that I wanted one! These kilts were made by hand......(every single stitch by hand. The pleats.....the hem.....the stitching on the leather buckle things.........YOWZERS!!! My mother came back to Northampton to save me !!

    I had the "wrong shoes"; wrong everything!

    I loved this kilt.....and I think I bought it in 1962 and I had it for twenty years! Our house burned down......in 1982; and I think that kilt burned with it!

    Family tartans are a wonderful thing......a lovely study.....and a joy to own!
    I loved that kilt......and I wore it for years! I think I had it from 1962 (my house burned down in 1982; I am afraid the kilt burned with it!
    Having a kilt in your family's tartan is a worthy goal!

    Going for it!!


  2. Gaye I had a wonderful kilt as well and of course wore plaid pleated skirts throughout Catholic school years. I rarely wear plaid these days....love the first design very much though!
    The Arts by Karena



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