14 February 2014

Heavenly Horst


Portrait of a Lady in Paris
photograph by HORST

Contessa Brandolini wearing pink in her bedroom, standing alongside a 17th century wooden figure in Dutch costume, fresh dahlias, and a canine companion.
A Victor Hugo sepia drawing hangs over a French boiserie mirror and panelling.

 In the Brandolini Salon on the Left Bank
photograph by HORST

Louis XIV Boulle armoires, a 17th century Giovanni Ghisolfi painting, 
and 17th century Italian stools fill the room reflecting the 17th century period of the Paris building.

the Contessa and the Venetian gondoliers, c. 1795.
photograph by HORST

a Contessa's Bedroom
photograph by HORST

Drawings of Piranesi and Ruskin hang on embroidered silk covered screens
at either side of a Venetian mirror and a Louis XV bed.

a Conte's Sitting Room
photograph by HORST

In a private alcove with velvet seating & masses of pillows-
a mirror frames the space with bookcases fitted into the alcove's sides. 


photograph by HORST

A hallway in the Brandolini Paris apartment is covered with a fresco,
and a 17th century Italian camel stands amidst its field of flowers.

I always cite Horst as a great influence on my taste in design. These photographs-once again-are proof of his great genius, especially his portraits of the owners in their rooms.

(from the pages of my 1967 November Vogue )



  1. My first thought on seeing these rooms was
    "design has become a piece of art". The harmony of colour, scale and variety of shapes is absolutely pleasing to the eye.
    Now I hunger to see more of Horst's work. Thanks for the introduction
    Helen xx

  2. Tremendous affinity between Terestchenko and this [other] master, well elicited in your archives. I have to say, you could post on Horst all day and I wouldn't mind.

  3. Chinoiserie, lit des repos, boulle, boiserie...words NEVER written for years in magazine spreads which show faux Four Season Spa interiors or simulated Julius Shulman photograph staging. I could live in this suite of Bakst/Diaghliev/Sert dreams...Chanel did as well!

    Victor Hugo of Halston infamy?



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