04 February 2014

Madeline Weinrib Gives

A new rug from Madeline Weinrib called MALA is creating beauty, and has the power to change lives. That is a carpet of magical proportions. The new rug MALA's proceeds will all be going to an organization near and dear to Madeline's heart, PROJECT MALA.

As newly appointed International Ambassador for Project Mala, Madeline has had a firsthand look at the organization’s impact in India’s main carpet weaving region, Uttar Pradesh. Project Mala not only builds & operates schools, it provides students with meals, healthcare, school supplies, clothing, and vocational training.

The rug MALA is made from 100 percent New Zealand wool and inspired by the texture and distinctive diamond patterns found in vintage Moroccan carpets Madeline has been collecting and selling since her first trip to Morocco in the 1990s.

“When I first discovered vintage Moroccan carpets I was instantly inspired.”

“When designing the carpet for Project Mala I wanted to create a piece that would lend itself to a variety of different interiors, from contemporary to modern. The simple palette and timeless styling of the Mala carpet it a universally flattering and versatile design.”

MALA here, at Madeline Weinrib

“I’m thrilled and honored to serve as an Ambassador for Project Mala. During my travels I have encountered a number of charities, but none that match the commitment, passion, or effectiveness of Project Mala. Visiting the Project Mala schools and watching them grow has been a truly humbling and powerful experience.”

MALA is the first Madeline Weinrib design that will dedicate 100 percent of sales to Project Mala, something Madeline plans to continue in her role as Ambassador.
It's a perfect collaboration-Madeline Weinrib's unique design aesthetic in MALA- and a way to Give.

There are ways to help visit Project Mala here
Madeline Weinrib here


1 comment:

  1. what a lovely, lovely thing! A successful American who wants to GIVE back to the world!
    Bravo! And how appropriate she wants to give back to the country she has brought such lovely things from!

    (If one more person says to me that Oprah should be "funding schools in the US instead of South Africa" Murder is on my mind!)

    Beautiful! Giving back is the most wonderful thing in the world!!!



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