10 February 2014

the long & short of it

"I am afraid that...uneven hemlines, short in front, dropping down at right angles in the back,were a mistake. There are maniacs in London who go about in buses and the tube cutting chunks out of other people's clothes. These skirts look rather as maniacs had been at them."  Daisy Fellowes said of the Mainbocher 1933 Fall Collection.

Fashion keeping up with the times, the same as it ever was...


  1. I love it! You NAILED it! Bad idea in 1933 (I hope I WAS Daisy Fellowes; I idolize her completely!!)
    Didn't work then; doesn't work now! ICK!!

    Brilliant call; as always!


  2. So happy that this very young model is not so skinny.

  3. and did you notice the shoes....bewildering!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Monsieur Dior would be mortified

  5. Hello! On behalf of all of us at Greyson Place, I would like to congratulate you on your nomination for the 7 Wonders of the Blogosphere awards! Thank you for your wonderfully engaging posts! Happy blogging!

  6. This is a devastating dress. I keep an open mind on the ergonomics of a costume I've been spared, considering for myself. In the way of "liking" girls in which how they are presented is a consideration, I have always been grateful that the house of Dior, especially under Bohan but to this day, does keep the rest of us in mind. Possibly this is no consolation to some, but for them, couture must offer consolation, somewhere. I do not believe in brands in art, but if humane presentation is not an art, I don't care to look at science, which seems to be Fellowes' complaint.



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