11 May 2014

happy Mother's Day

To my inspirational and lovely-inside and out- Mother, always saying when Beauty was discussed
"Pretty is-as Pretty does.
In her case-this has been True.

Me, my GrandMother, and Mother
As mentioned in past postings-Bess, my Grandmother lived to be 107. Many of our Mother's Day photographs were taken in the Hospital where she spent the last years of her wonderful Life. 
Her belief was to stay curious-and interested in Life,
 That She Did!



  1. You may well prize these photographs. I especially enjoyed the chance to get to know these personalities a bit this Mothers' Day.

  2. These are inspiring facts, the most necessary kind.

  3. Your mother does look beautiful! Was just wondering where the photo on the middle row on the left was taken. The hillside looks like it is on Australian waterway.



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