30 June 2014


JULY~ drawing by Rene Bouche

There is nothing more beautiful on the cover of a magazine than something like this Rene Bouche drawing from July 1947. Do we ever see something this beautiful on magazine covers today? 
Where-and Why Not?


  1. I agree Gaye, why only on Art News or Arts and Antiques. These art images are so current, look at her summer frock.

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Dear Gaye,

    One thing that I can say for sure, having designed magazines and magazine covers, is that in the days before the computer, artists had a long lead time to create a beautiful image. Perhaps one of the things that drew me to graphic design in the first place was the quality of those exceptional portraits that were painted for the covers of Times magazine. As a teenager, I collected them and had my own gallery of striking portraits by famous artists and illustrators.

    As news coverage sped up, a magazine like Time or Newsweek would commission multiple covers by different illustrators, and then choose just one, depending on what was the breaking news. Illustration annuals are filled with astounding magazine covers that never got published for that very reason.

    Perhaps in the age of Twitter, the best roll for the magazine is to publish the in-depth back story, as Vanity Fair so often does. That would allow for a resurgence of the well-painted cover (though I think photography and digital art will always take precedence).

    1. Interesting from your perspective Mark. have your covers been featured on the blog? I for one would love to see the resurgence of the illustration-like this one on a cover like V, HB etc. What about Jeremiah Goodman on AD or WoI. No brave takers. pgt

    2. Hi again, Gaye,

      I did paint a magazine cover in the 1970's, but most of my magazine covers were decades late, directing other people's photography. I included a wood carving by one of my friends in a Christmas cover that was quite a challenge because it was specified that the cover had to convey "Christmas" and "Florida" without using any traditional symbols. You can see what I came up with at the end of this posting:


    3. I love what you did on this cover Mark! I think there is a place for such beauty and inspiration anywhere today. I do so hope we never loss the brush. pgt

  3. Exactly! Marcel Vertes did many covers (I wasn't born and you weren't either...for many moons) for Vogue! Why aren't paintings and drawings on covers?

    This is a better cover than I have seen in the 45 years I have subscribed to all of these magazines!! (before that I read my mother's!!) I inherited every single issue of "Flair"!!

    Brilliant! Anna needs to move away from the Kardashians.....(oh dear Lord!!)

    And back toward beauty and taste! (shall I have that on my tombstone???)

    Does anyone agree??????

  4. Because sex sells and power is money.

  5. I love the vintage Vogue covers.



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