17 July 2014

Craig and Karl, and Gertrude

Don't we all need inspiration?
I do.
Right now-I'm not feeling it, but these 2, are onto something.

Could it be?

(Yes, puts me in mind of  Gertrude Stein.)

Beaton photograph 1936

Craig Redman and Karl Maier best-known as Craig & Karl,create pop-art-based, bold and colourfulwork that has appeared in exhibitions all over the world. They also contribute to British Vogue's The Culture Edit, (here)

 Right now, I'm following Gertrude's lead -and having a lounge.

 Stein at her villa with Pepe and Basket I


  1. Love these, I can always use added inspiration Gaye.Reminiscent of Hockney and Warhol, then that image Beaton took of Gertrude in '36, against the floral wall, wow!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Actually; that is the worst portrait photograph I have ever seen by Cecil!

    The second photograph shows the "beauty" brought about by the company of dogs! She turned gorgeous! Wow!!!

    And they love her! One can see!
    "dogs not facelifts"......that is what I say!!!

  3. I didn't know that Gertrude had a poodle! We must be on the same wave. Thanks for the years of inspiration and the many quests for more information that you have sent me on. Enjoy the lounge.

  4. Hmmm, even when you are not feeling it, you're feeling it!

  5. I guess that is a poodle!!!
    She turns beautiful in the company of her dogs! That is the most divine photograph! One teeny one on her head! and the other by her legs! Her face is beautiful! Amazing!!!



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