11 July 2014

once upon a War

Lady Diana as nurse, 1916.

July marks the centennial of World War I. There are so many fine resources for delving into the lives of Britain's brave. I always turn to Lady Diana Manners autobiographies-beyond the story of her fascinating life- a picture of the war comes into focus-through her work as a wartime nurse, as friend to the men that died in the conflict, and through the letters from her then beau-and later husband Duff Cooper.

Read more about one of my favorite subjects-Lady Diana- from all the little augury entries, here.


  1. I have never heard of her and can't wait to read more. WWI was such a terrible war, supposedly the worst one of all. Can't imagine what Lady Diana must have gone through and the spirit that helped her during that time.

  2. A small point is that her grand-daughter Artemis upholds these documentary pursuits, especially notably in her highly valuable work with and for the manuscripts of Patrick Leigh Fermor, as does her grandson-in-law Antony Beevor in military histories of the 20th Century from Spain to Stalingrad, as does her son in superb works on Byzantium, Venice, and his own life -- to say nothing of his editorship of HH's annual Christmas Cracker. Whatever other forms of prestige may be associated with her, the compilation of these histories and the fostering of this line would, alone, sustain all of it.

  3. so glad you share your passions, thereby making me a bit more aware of more, and perhaps then a bit more interesting because i have learned something new



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