09 October 2014

autumn interlude

after a week spent in the mountains of TN preparing for my niece's wedding, I believe... 
painting by British artist, Charles Nash, "Berkshire Downs," 1922.


  1. Blessings to YOU & YOURS...I know she's like the Daughter one Dreams of...but more special as she came too you thru another's vision. I can only imagine the Beauty and Magic you'll create, the flowers, the colors, and most importantly...the Love and Pride you will exude. I myself haven't any children, but I am the Mom the Angels sent too my nieces...who each in turn have used my home and gardens as their backdrop for their Special Day! This is also a time that binds us to those who've left us behind, memories on these occasions will soften their lack of physical being by highlighting how they touched so many loves while here. A Celebration of Love & Life!

    I could've swore it was a Hockney iPad painting...Hockney may have been inspired?

  2. A beautiful Autumn painting and a lovely quote Gaye. I hope you enjoyed your nieces
    wedding celebration!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I love this quote, seen with the painting, it's divine. Autumn has not arrived here yet in Southern California, but I yearn for it to! I hope your niece's wedding is {was?} divine.



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