20 November 2014

une boite de tabac à priser, lot 218

fully marked, the rim engraved "Au Petit Dunkerque". LOT 218

image from Richard Jean-Jacques, Bijoux Et Pierres Precieuses here

Charles-Alexandre Bouillerot, born into a family of goldsmiths, was one of several gold box makers Paris retailer Charles-Reymond Grancher,"Au Petit Dunkerque" commissioned for purchase by the French nobility during the reign of Louis XVI. Grancher served as bijoutier du reine. His shop was at 3 quai de Conti, on the corner of the Rue Dauphine (6th arrondissement, Paris).

 César-François Cassini de Thury, astronomer, member of the French Academy of Sciences -"taking snuff"
miniature watercolor on ivory by Nattier, c. 1750


  1. These little jewels of boxes have always fascinated me with their intricate beauty!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I saw a rabbit handled cane that perhaps I could afford. Wish I could watch the auction. Will you be bidding on anything?



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