11 December 2014

the design work of JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT

It can't be said enough-I adore a book. I love to look at them, and actually read them.
A book is a Trip. It takes you places, and if the subject is intriguing enough one book just isn't enough.

This season of  design books has been phenomenal and I fear that before year's end-and Christmas gifts are all purchased, I'll not have completed my recommendations of Books to Give & Receive. Fortunately, any time of the year is book time.

Sumptuous iridescent green silk curtains oversee a light filled view in this Jean-Louis Deniot designed Paris apartment photographed by Xavier Béjot

One of the most elegant design books this season is about the work of Jean-Louis Deniot. I became aware of the designer through writer Diane Dorrans Saeks' blog, The Style Saloniste, so it's fitting the first Deniot book has been penned by none other than Diane. From the moment I saw the first of his rooms at the Saloniste, I was wild about them. JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT INTERIORS, is la cerise sur le gâteau, revealing Deniot's personal apartment, country houses in France, and projects that have taken the him to the United States.

An architect, the elegant Frenchman Deniot, has an innate sense of what is right and necessary. His design sensibilities are Classical-along with a sophisticated stylishness uniquely his own. There are many great designers- but in Deniot, I see a rigorous technician with an immense soul.
He is indeed, a virtuoso.

Jean-Louis Deniot © Javier Béjot, and author Saeks photographed by Drew Alitzer

"I always want to get away from the white box. My interiors are about atmosphere, character, texture, and a sense of harmony."- Jean Louis Deniot

An unerring Vestibule in the French countryside by Deniot
photograph by Xavier Béjot

SHADES OF GREY & Henri Samuel

One of Deniot's sources of inspiration is the work of the late French designer Henri Samuel. Samuel's cultivated Classicism is instantly recognizable in this Deniot designed Chicago home. Classical architecture, commissioned pieces by Deniot, & a Jean Roche inspired mirrored mantle-all echo notes in a Samuel designed room.

reminiscent of a Parisian salon, a Deniot Living Room in Chicago
photograph by Xavier Béjot

Saeks concludes the book in a terrific final "conversation" with the designer. Reminiscent of what makes The Style Saloniste so revered is this revealing brand of "Q & A." The book too, reveals a designer whose confidence is absolute, but maintains he makes an effort for his attention and intention to go quite unnoticed.

"It is the art of being invisible."- Jean-Louis Deniot

go inside the book at RIZZOLI here
all photographs were provided for and used with the permission of RIZZOLI


  1. I completely agree with you! It is an exquisite book! As are all of her books.....which is a lot to say because she has written about 40 of them, I think!!

    When she called me to interview me for "Santa Barbara Living"; I thought I had never heard of her. I loved her.....and couldn't wait to be interviewed......(on my way to Spain....it was quite hilarious).

    when I returned home....I looked through my multitude of books.....I OWNED 30 of her books! Among my absolute favorites! I was so embarrassed!

    And then I have met her three or four times! she is delightful.....and such an adventuress! She writes the best books! Good grief!

    And she has the best blog.....I mean......seriously.....by far.

    So much like my mother!!! I have to write about her!

    There are so many great blogs......there are a few standouts! Hers....Yours....Taras, .Brookes.....just to start!!!! .so many.


    1. all that! and more Penelope. as always Thank You for reading and visiting, xo PGT

  2. Ps Indeed; the decorator should be "invisible" ; and the house or dwelling should reflect the inhabitants.......there should be no trace of the decorator!

    Brilliant! As is Diane! And her subject!!!


    1. I believe this too-this credo is not so much in practice at the moment-with Decorator Stars on the telly, horrors!

  3. I fell in love with Deniot via The Style Saloniste, also. In his work, the space left unfilled also speak. Thank you for this fantastic post. xoxo Mary

    1. Diane's blog is sublime, this book is a treasure. Mary thanks so much for reading, pgt

  4. Gaye, I am certainly in complete agreement with all of your commenters. A feature or book by Diane is a treasure and I am proud to have any book she has written. Incredible style!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I didn't have the Denoit book on my list until now - thanks!



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