26 February 2015

GEORG JENSEN Reflections

"an imagined truth, a rumination on the how and why one falls in love with Georg Jensen silver at first sight"
Murray Moss

Neck Ring No. 169, Pendant No. 131, and Bangle No 205
Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube

" Torun let the sunshine in."  Murray Moss

Torun an incredible beauty, began designing for Jensen in the 1960's, imbuing the company with a distinct beauty in the form of achingly exquisite jewelry. She was already considered one of Sweden's foremost silversmiths of the postwar when she began designing for Jensen.

"Jensen became hip." Murray Moss

It's expected that the singular aesthetic of Georg Jensen would present in an equally singular volume of its 110 years of work. GEORG JENSEN Reflections, authored by Murray Moss is just that.

"I looked for what I believe has not been offered-a contemporary contemplation of a contemporary company, tenaciously remaining relevant today." Murray Moss author

What captivates is the book's design, its sleek, yet over sized pages, its photography (especially commissioned for the book), and its story. Moss' GEORG JENSEN Reflections is in a sense the author's love letter to Jensen's genius. Rare today in the world of books, GEORG JENSEN Reflections delivers Moss' sense of Jensen with poetic understanding, and free flowing reflection-much like a piece crafted by Jensen himself or his cadre of renowned artists.

Blossom Ladle No 84/151
Georg Jensen, 1919

Blossom Flatware No. 84
Georg Jensen, 1919

"Blossom," as cutlery, was created in 1919. This is for me Jensen's most exquisite work. Surrounded by an Art Nouveau style that could be excessive, Jensen looked deeply into nature's artistry to forge a flower stem sinuously  wrapping a handle and terminating in a gorging flower bud.
While "Blossom" as a design element originated 100 years ago, it exudes a modernity. Sensuous, yet pure, in "Blossom" Jensen transcends conformity, atypical, the design stripped away all of Art Nouveau's preconceptions into an elan vital in accord with the 21st century.

Blossom Teapot No. 2A, 1905
Silver with Ivory Handle

In addition to the newly evocative photographs of Jensen works, archival photographs, and original renderings at conception are a  part of this special visual paean.

ALL Images were used with permission from the publisher, GEORG JENSEN by Murray Moss, Rizzoli New York, 2014.


  1. Special isn't it?? I recently purchased the most beautiful, simple Georg Jensen candle holder....oval brass base and space for a single white Georg Jensen candle. Divine on my black glass table.

    Beautiful blog Little Augury!


    1. yes, Paris, his work is beautiful. the jewelry by Torun is just exquisite, there is a ring photographed-to see-worth the price of the book!

  2. Oh what an interesting book, I love his silver. A client gave me two gorgeous Jensen ornaments this year for Christmas -so beautiful.

    1. how wonderful-client, & gift! the book is just a work of art-worthy of Jensen. pgt

  3. Gaye, how very stunning and exquisite! His work is incredible and the book looks wonderful!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. as an artist, I think you would be so inspired. the original design drawings-and the inspiration behind them are so beautifully photographed. pgt



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