19 February 2015

pearls before swine, the inimitable Dorothy Parker

 Dorothy Parker tells me of the last time she encountered Playwright Clare Boothe. The two ladies were trying to get out of a doorway at the same time. Clare drew back and cracked, “Age before beauty, Miss Parker.” As Dotty swept out, she turned to the other guests and said. “Pearls before swine.” October 14, 1938 the Hartford Courant printed the celebrity gossip column of Sheilah Graham containing this tale. (from Quote Investigator)

 Dorothy with her Sealyham terrier & pearls, 1941.

friend and fellow blogger, Jane at Empress of the Eye is a lucky duck. amongst other divine pieces she owns-these- she is (how I don't know) ready to part with. The pearls once graced the neck of the one and only Dorothy Parker! 

I need these... 'cause I'm writing a book, and to sit, and ponder, and think, and maybe just feel a little of Dorothy's wit and wisdom-as I lovingly worked these pearls and toil over my keyboard.
A girl can dream can't she?
(snap out of it!)

anyway, here's Jane's story, she's telling, and selling on ebay...(linked throughout the text)

on Pearls...
"Age before beauty; and pearls before swine."- Dorothy Parker
& on Dogs...

Such glorious faith as fills your limpid eyes,
Dear little friend of mine, I never knew.
All-innocent are you, and yet all-wise.
(For Heaven's sake, stop worrying that shoe!)
You look about, and all you see is fair;
This mighty globe was made for you alone.
Of all the thunderous ages, you're the heir.
(Get off the pillow with that dirty bone!)

A skeptic world you face with steady gaze;
High in young pride you hold your noble head,
Gayly you meet the rush of roaring days.
(Must you eat puppy biscuit on the bed?)
Lancelike your courage, gleaming swift and strong,
Yours the white rapture of a winged soul,
Yours is a spirit like a Mayday song.
(God help you, if you break the goldfish bowl!)

"Whatever is, is good" - your gracious creed.
You wear your joy of living like a crown.
Love lights your simplest act, your every deed.
(Drop it, I tell you- put that kitten down!)
You are God's kindliest gift of all - a friend.
Your shining loyalty unflecked by doubt,
You ask but leave to follow to the end.
(Couldn't you wait until I took you out?)-DP


  1. How fabulous of you to do this! I love surprises and this is a doozie! Someone special is looking for these and wants to give one of our best gals a few more adventures. Thanks so much Gaye.

  2. When Jack Nicholson broke with Anjelica Huston, he gave her a necklace of pearls and diamonds that once given to Ava Gardner by her husband Frank Sinatra....with a note ' these pearls from your swine' - interesting how the quote lives on!

  3. Pearls and dogs--the best!!! Thanks. Mary

  4. I always enjoyed what Dorothy Parker suggested for her own grave stone — "Excuse my dust."

  5. So glad you featured Jane and her precious pearls. I guess I shall have to let them be yours, as much as I would love them gracing my neck, Gaye! Great Nicholson story I had not heard, Huston was such a beauty!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Wildlife Photographer David Gulden

  6. I should have said is such a beauty of course!

  7. And the pearls begin a new adventure tomorrow when I post them to Idaho. They will bring magic to someone.

  8. You never disappoint - love the pearls, puppy and poem! Have a great weekend...



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