03 February 2015

the Eliza de Feuillide Room

I beg indulgence for my last post. It was a prank?----- or as one faithful reader described it-an early April Fool's Day.
After years of thinking about my guest room in terms of the Countess, and calling it so-it follows to present it as such.
Now, the rest of the story, or indeed, the story.

A late 18th century painted bed, & a Louis XVI chair of the period,  bits of painted furniture, and a Regency chair of the period- are authentic. Shawls made from Indian saris popular in the day, (Eliza was born in India), appear to be scattered on the bed and chair, along with a discarded gown-the saris are- at the least Pre-Independence India.

The embroidered Cowtan and Tout fabric is a document-not unlike this embroidered India Muslin, of the period, 1790, found at the Museum of London.

Eliza did indeed write of Jane and her sister Cassandra, "My heart gives the preference to Jane, whose kind partiality to me indeed requires a return of the same nature." 

Jane's Outlandish Cousin-self described died in 1813, Jane Austen her close friend, cousin, and sister would be present by her bedside. Jane followed her four years later.


  1. Ah you are a clever one Gaye, I still enjoyed the post very much and would be honored as a guest in this wonderful bedroom!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  3. To our Lady Gaye, your aplomb is inspiring...perhaps an elevation from Lady to Countess is in order! Sending best wishes for you and yours!!!

  4. A fun ruse and a charming guest bedroom :-)

  5. You have such a mischievous sense of humour :) ... and a novelist's imagination! Love the 'scratched dagueurrotype' look.

  6. I just need more information! Call me whatever you want.....what are the rooms?

    They are all divine! Tell me MORE!!!!


    1. Hello Penelope, this is my guest room which I do call the Eliza de Feuillide Room. If you venture to NC you are my Guest! pgt

  7. Ahah!

    And don't think I missed the iPhone in the book book!! Love it! Mine ARRIVED TODAY!!!

    I have never been to NC (except to visit a friend at UNC a million years ago!) I need to come to Charleston, Charlotte, and Beauport, and Savannah. maybe this Spring! (I have to get a move on! I am getting OLD!! 68 today!!!) Yowlers!!!!

    1. Come on down for a visit! the South would suit you Penelope!



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