12 March 2015

Ladies who Lunch

at some point, I would love to go to a Chanel fashion extravaganza.
For me that would be a real treat-say at Brasserie Gabrielle, Karl Lagerfeld's latest fantasy where he showed his Fall 2015 Chanel collection. Certainly there were some eager spectators of his fashion sport, but after weeks of watching teenagers waltz about in clothes that most people don't want, much less afford, Fashionable Eyes must be crossed at the mixing and matching that went on, and on.

I for one in the provinces, love to SEE what's going on in that other worldly world. No matter how I stray from Classic fashion, still there is that unabated LOVE for the Chanel suit, jacket, dress, that never tires, never errs, never wears Out or goes Out.

Style.com's "MOVE IT" is such fun! Watch the swish of a skirt the wafting of a sleeve, but alas, Chanel's MOVE IT was sketchy, the camera angle and the staging-KL created a full service French brasserie for the collection- prohibited Study of the clothes.

Lagerfeld's Chanel Collection for Fall 2015 is mostly all CHANEL when she triumphantly returned to clothes in the 1950's. What's strikingly out of sink with the Clothes is the Models wearing the clothes. Dress Up comes to mind- wearing Mommy's clothes.

photo by Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuter, from the NY Times here

Of Course, the worldwide obsession with YOUTH is to blame, but Mr. Lagerfeld, who is mostly genius as fashion goes, missed a perfect opportunity to do something Really Revolutionary- dress Real Women in these very Real Clothes.

 Ines de la Fressange?

Deeda Blair?

Carole Bouquet?

Charlotte Rampling?

Who will wear these clothes?
These are clothes that require experience. Model Audrey Marnay, (below) at 35, fits the clothes. Once retired, Marnay returned to modelling recently and  in Chanel, she alone wears a sweater over the shoulders with elan, and authoritative aplomb.

all photos from Style.om  Kim Weston Arnold / Indigitalimages.com, except where noted.


  1. Love the one with the white collar.

  2. How I agree...the Youthquake is still shaking uncontrollably, especially when most of today's youth haven't the money nor elegance for such pieces...though the general idea of telling ALL ages to cover up elegantly is refreshing after seeing Kim, Beyoncé and a host of supposed style icons strutting around human flesh in the most unfashionable manner...perhaps the Emperor has seen the writing that wearing 'almost no' clothes isn't a funny fable anymore! It's time the fashion world used real bodies and ages...not edicts from a caricature of Coco!

  3. I have to agree with you Gaye, while I love the ensembles, there are many at least "mature looking" models who could have pulled this collection off magnificently.

    The Arts by Karena

  4. You are so correct. I decided today I will only buy "vintage" from today on. I have sent back seventeen white tee shirts. (petit bateau has decided not to make the long sleeve crew neck any more. I ordered dozens a year); every single one I sent back was a see-through cheap Chinese version! Dreadful!

    Same thing with other clothes. Vintage for me from today on!

    How sad....but how lucky I am to own vintage Chanel and Ralph....and other things....for twenty years and more!

  5. All I know is this: I am glad I bought a few things when I could....I love putting them together when I can.

    I am grateful for what I have.....and I am really disappointed with what is out there to put with these "classics"!! Made in China things.....YUCK!

    Now shopping "vintage"!!

    Paring down closet....getting rid of a lot of stuff. keeping classics!!!

    Thank you for a wonderful post!!!

    ps are you coming to West Week in two weeks in Los Angeles? How about LCDQ in May????

  6. Oh beautifully stated. We need a bit of sassy attitude with those ensembles! Plenty of the older gals out there who can still do it!! So…seriously Karl…use them. A bit of Beatrix Ost would be nice!





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