03 July 2015


Recently succumbing to my baser instincts I re-subcribed to  Town and Country, along with Garden and Gun. These two glossy temptations offer something other magazines don't and I'm not talking gowns and guns. There's a certain way of looking at style and interiors that I find refreshing, and when the August Town and Country hit the mailbox-I was ready to look within again-it had been a while since...

I was delighted to see David Netto writing about one of his own design projects. Netto is so adroit with wordplay as to make other writers envious-and giddy. He is equal to his writing in his design acumen-and along with that, he is as stylish as both.

 photograph from David's site here

His project is in New York, and not yet available at Town and Country online, so in the mean while go to his website for a course in smart-slick (but not too much so) decorating.

D A V I D   N E T T O


  1. Those are two of the few magazines I subscribe to, and always find them interesting.

  2. My two favorite magazines. Also, W.

  3. Haven't been able to check in in a while, but I really loved Netto's portfolio. He seems to have a unique ability to work with serious art and use its content in meaningful (witty) way in homes that are both modern and layered. I loved the pairing of a Basquiat in a Nashville antibellem with skirted tables, the Native American Art against the wallpaper of 19th century pastoral scenery, and the Airplanes (Becher?) in a pale yellow room with serious curtain details, Donald Judd in a dining room. This is "decorating" with true discrimination.

  4. So talented. Educated, sophisticated and timeless. And located in LA! Hope that you are having a wonderful week-end. xox Mary

  5. Gaye I looked at every one of his designs and love Netto's style!
    Happy 4th weekend!!

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