13 September 2015

Politics as usual...

“That is why Napoleon and Mussolini both insist so emphatically upon the inferiority of women, for if they were not inferior, they would cease to enlarge. That serves to explain in part the necessity that women so often are to men. And it serves to explain how restless they are under her criticism; how impossible it is for her to say to them this book is bad, this picture is feeble, or whatever it may be, without giving far more pain and rousing far more anger than a man would do who gave the same criticism. 

For if she begins to tell the truth, the figure in the looking-glass shrinks; his fitness for life is diminished. How is he to go on giving judgement, civilising natives, making laws, writing books, dressing up and speechifying at banquets, unless he can see himself at breakfast and at dinner at least twice the size he really is?. . . they say to themselves as they go into the room, I am the superior of half the people here, and it is thus that they speak with that self-confidence, that self-assurance, which have such profound consequences in public life and lead to such curious notes in the margin of the private mind.”  words from Virginia Woolf, 1929

the author in London, 1939 photographed by Gisele Freund


  1. True, thank you...I can't tell you often enough. Your blog is one of my favorite things on the web.

  2. Sometimes modern vernacular gets to the point as - Word!

  3. So true...and using Mexican Immigrants as a Tool of Hatred, all the while married to 2 immigrants himself, aside from the not good enough for him American gal, sweet Marla! What can one say...he's just another 'canary in the mine' warning us of the death of Elegance, Style, Clever Wit and Class. It's a Voyuers World of Pompous Porn - a Nero like Coliseum mentality of America. The Grand Sinner of Four Marriages and Out of Wedlock twins, Kim Davis, that doyenne of The Altar of Hymen and Trump, really are evocative a Carnival Barker and Circus act of yesteryear, screaming at the top of his lungs, cotton candy hairdo and all...to come and see the Lusty Lady of Love under the Big Top. Maybe she'll run as his VP. She does speak 'American'.

  4. This is a more radically provocative appreciation of the behaviour we've been subjected to, than I've seen from all the high dudgeon in the glitterati of our time. Of course it only begs the question to denounce bad form, to segregate it from privilege. This perspective distinguishes it from health, and not a moment too soon. I'm very pleased to have visited this page this Sunday.

  5. I won't go into details. However, all those who attempt to gain some imaginary benefit from denigrating others; participating in name calling, outright lying, selective memory, etc. should be disrobed in the most severe manner; revealing their character faults, lack of vision, and most of all, their self-serving greed-filled goals. Thanks for letting me vent.

  6. It is all so sad. I am trying to remain optimistic!

  7. Gaye, I am already so sick of the politics in this Presidential race, I can hardly stand it!
    One Good Woman or One Good Man please! The money spent on these ludicrous races should all go to improving America and to worth charities.

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

  8. Hear hear. Laurent phrases it well.



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