22 December 2015

spirits reprise

 oddly the holiday that brings pine and holly
brings a stillness no rustling of green can shutter.
as with Loss, December races to catch us-coming in red and green.
children never wonder at the slight trace of sadness in a beautiful mother's smiling face-
a granmother's happy forbearance of mistletoe. 
women who have lost father, sister, little siblings, parents, husbands-
the faces that shown brightly in their midst-
how they must have shown just a bit brighter in holiday's waning candle.
memory that glows to crackling when a December day closes-
 memory that comes cautiously close-peering through the tinsel and lights.
caressing Us down that old wooded path to Love.
it is right to remember.
it is good to find these loving spirits stirring you.
remembering a day when nothing else mattered but Love. 

in loving memory and celebration of my father-February 4,1930-December 19, 2004, my parents wedding anniversary of December 23, 1951, & my grandparents anniversary of December 24, 1918.

this post was originally published under the title  Spirits on December 19th 2010



  1. Here's to the memory of your papa.

  2. It is a beautiful post, beautiful words, and I want to thank you for these posts throughout the years. Little Augury has delighted, intrigued and moved me, sometimes all at once. Warmest wishes, dear Gaye, this December, and always.

  3. Today my Father is 77...I share him with you! My father in law passed away 13 years ago, which today is a Sad day for my Mother in law...although a happy one for us with Dad, so a mixed time for many!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I lost my son in 1986, and this is a hard time. I was trying to explain, just a little,
    to my granddaughter about how I feel sad - along with the happiness. She is only 7 and doesn't understand.
    Someday she will. None of us live too awfully long without some losses

  5. Thank you for giving me permission to remember. Have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by love.

  6. Dear Gaye,that is such a beautiful and moving tribute to your loved ones.
    The holidays are bittersweet for those of us that have experienced loss. There is always a deep sadness under the laughter.

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts throughout the year.

  7. Dear Gaye,
    I was so hoping you would do this, repost this beautiful entry. After finding it again this year, I've thought about it often, and I know this will be in the years to come a sort of tradition for me, to read your words and look into the painting. Loss is something we all know, it binds us, the living, together, as it separates us from those who've left us. Your words remind me that a tear or two falling down a cheek, a pause that causes the chest to tighten a bit, a thought that brings clouds to the eyes - that it's okay - more, that it's "good to find these loving spirits stirring you." Thank you, once again Gaye, seeing this here this Christmas Eve morning was like feeling the warm hand of my mother holding mine once more. You made that happen, and there are no words to thank you for so special a gift. I can only offer a sincere wish to you and yours for a blessed and joyous Christmas, wherever it may find you. Thank you, Gaye, for everything.

  8. What a lovely post!
    By the way, you might like to see this:
    A wonderful movie about the artist in your image above: Vilhelm Hammershoi.
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  9. My feelings exactly: I miss Mother and the family gatherings and Christmas is always bittersweet. Thank you for posting this. I hope your Christmas Days will have a sweet taste anyway. I do try...



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