04 January 2016

Oliver Messel Parties On...

With a last look at the holiday festivities, yes it's time to move on, but how could a lingering glance at Oliver Messel's  Pelham Place, London Dining Room staged for a Christmas dinner be amiss?Photographed for Vogue in 1963, the room was described as "a creative melange of decorative furnishings." That's an understatement. Messel was not about understatement, and he had a penchant for swags of roses, & cascades & ropes-lots of both.

another 18th century stage set for a dance held by Lady Marriott

An up close look at Messel's Baroque Roses.

Messel's make shift decorations for a World War II dance in the ballroom of the Assembly House at Norwich (which served as a camouflage factory for the Eastern Command during the war) 
(above & below)

Dated? Not at all, and compared to the tortured arrangements we see today-not to mention those sticks-and stones, Messel's garlands and swags of green are downright simplistic- and elegant. 


  1. I got married in his special rooms at the Dorchester and the best pics of my wedding were the rooms and the leading outside terrace.

  2. Love the colors of the roses against the gold mirror and chocolate walls. Really lovely. Thank you!

  3. Happy New Year from London Town.
    The Messel family are blessed with artistic talent.
    Hal Messel is a young and highly talented Silversmith.
    He is the son of Thomas Messel, who creates glorious furniture.. a picture of the 'Derby' table designed by him, as a present from the wife of the current Earl of Derby to her husband to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, is shown on his website.
    The Earl of Snowden's mother was a Messel whose grandson is Viscount Linley..
    I wish you and your family a happy & healthy New Year.
    Sara aka Sally

  4. Glorious Gaye and adore those Klismos chairs in the dining room!

    The Arts by Karena
    New Years Thoughts!



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