29 January 2016

Valentino e Mariano

Valentino's runway in Paris this week was awash in Fortuny fabrics~
Inspired by Fortuny's rich textiles-velvet, cotton, emboss, and embellished with embroidery.

My favorites were the cotton prints in patchwork with the edges fringed- Of course.

 all photographs are from Vogue UK.


  1. Love the last image of 'Granada', the white with gold pigment detail swatch. I bought yards in Venice almost 30 years ago, then upholstered onto 18thC Venetian gilt ballroom chairs that were purchased from The 20thC Fox Studios Props Sale (used in Hello Dolly film - Harmonia Gardens & The Sound of Music film - the Lonely Goatherder puppet scene. Love to see Fortuny utilized in the 21stC...in fashion still! Thanks for the little details...from your unerring eye!

  2. Like the fourth photo :)
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    Maria V.

  3. DIVINE......with a capital "D"!!!!! And the neck adornment.....how beautiful is that!!!!!!!!!

    Have visited the Venice shop.....a gorgeous little bunker.....and the palazzo.....both wondrous.

    Love your posts.


  4. Now that is real, truly glorious beauty in fashion!! Thank you, Leslie in Oregon

  5. Oh, I love Fortuny (but it's Mariano). Beautiful dresses. thanks. Mary

  6. I would love to buy the remnant book size pieces I see for sale on eBay to make some pillows using this technique. Pretty fabulous!



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