28 February 2016


Can I get this by Sunday? Certainly some starlet asked Alessandro Michele...


photos from Vogue UK


  1. Check out the Oscar-worthy dresses at Ralph & Russo's S/S collection ..... Sooooo gorgeous!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  2. As the French say...PARFAIT! My mind is drawn to Le Affair du Collier, that moment in time that brought Marie Antonette down...that necklace, those feathers, the net veil...yum!

  3. What should be...Takes character, though and most are too slick for this!

  4. i just adore this frothy frock, but alas-nothing touched it last night of the carpet of the Oscars, which I could not finish watching it was so very boring.

  5. I knew to expect a posting of this kind here and I am deeply grateful to be undisappointed. From the other side of the rails, I find myself in accord with Gésbi for the thousandth time, however. This extraordinary dress, which I admire for its flow in the final frame above all, apart from its treasurable hue and eloquent translucency, requires an escort not impersonating a car hop at Studio 54. A gentleman welcomes a challenge of this character, most avidly, but dignity upon him (if not in him) is needed to aspire to this accompaniment. Again, LA leads.

    1. Laurent! I can not say anything other than one or 2 fashionable starlets' frocks appealed to me on the red carpet. Can not imagine a Carole Lombard or a fav of mine KATE calling on a stylist. There is little to real personal style today. I did see a costume designer Sandy Powell dressed in honor of David Bowie-mistaken by the fashion reporters as Tilda Swinton-which in and of itself shows there level of intelligence.Gaye



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