24 September 2016

CHERISH Chairish

Do you know about Chairish? I learned about it from my in the know friend Jesma and after some time I decided to look into selling some things from my large and still growing inventory. As an interior designer, it's always easy to reconcile another addition. The tricky part is where to put it all.

I decided on Chairish.

See all my CHAIRISH listings here.

I still have a presence on etsy too with more textiles and smaller things I've collected over the years.

See my etsy listings here.
(over the next week I will be adding items like the one above)


  1. What a great idea! I want to buy things all the time.....my darling husband, (who runs the business side); was in the poultry business.....and "inventory" is a dreaded thing! (they spoil!!!) Anyway....Chairish and the other lovely things on the internet are great ways of "placing treasures"!!

    I will search there!

    I am so excited for your book!

  2. Well look at you Gaye. Busy Bee. I have been back in a booth where they break things and throw antique quilts and textiles in the floor. Sigh. Good for you for listing your items.

  3. Hello Gaye, Good luck with your new venture! I have some very old Japanese skull-form prayer beads, carved from what appear to be peach pits, that look exactly like the Japanese design you illustrated.

  4. Parnassus.......where on earth have you been??

    Gaye.....I love your stuff!!!!



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