29 November 2016

Giving: David Netto

Author David Netto offers up a unique Christmas Giving List—for the palate, the practical, and the palatial. David is a big thinker, so I'd expect nothing less. His "eye" is one of a kind, and his way with words, as noted by his comments about each gift. (all in quotations)

"This the most romantic place in California, and what you dream of Big Sur to be like. But it’s only like that here."

Two Nights at Deetchen’s Big Sur Inn here

 The “Claws for Celebration” package gift box from Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami here.

Triumph Thruxton 1200R motorcycle from Glendale ProItalia (in silver) here

"My wife just bought me one of these, so believe me I know it’s a good one. First bike I ever wanted that wasn’t Italian. When you ride it you’ll see why."

Leather-wrapped towel rack by Sol y Luna from Monc XIII in Sag Harbor here

"Everything in this sensational store is special and superbly curated, but I have a weakness for these Spanish leather items you can’t find anywhere else. If a towel rack seems too unwieldy, get them an ice bucket."

Hanging Rattan chair from Serena & Lily here

"My daughter wants this."

Intuition II here

"If you’ve had a good year, one of the most beautiful boats in the world is for sale (and just had a price chop). I’ve looked at her for years in Sag Harbor, we met once in Charleston, and apparently…well, it’s just not my turn… But you, Mr. Big Stuff? Live a little. 
And you’ll never be alone—she has 13 crew, 3 of whom are engineers."

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here

"This is the best present to give, or to get. Foster an orphaned baby elephant rescued and cared for by this extraordinary organization. I gave one to each of my daughters for Valentine’s Day (Dupotto was our first), and we haven’t stopped since."

The Romanovs, by Simon Sebag Montefiore here

"It’s the power of storytelling. Just when you thought you knew what there was to know on this subject, a new book comes along--and in this author’s hands it’s like you’re hearing it all over again for the first time. Imagine if "The Crown" was about these guys? "

Gitterwerk Coat Hook from Neue Galerie design shop here

"The power of something by Josef Hoffmann to lift any room—and add a touch of the exotic—is something I return to constantly in designing. It never misses. Get someone four of these, and their Mudroom will thank you for it."

photograph by Jackie de Ravenel

David has a new book out about the great designer Francois Catroux this Fall. I've just written about it on the blog-if you missed it here is a link. David is a brilliant designer whose stamp is seen on all of his projects-but rendered as a blended collaboration with his client that brings each project its own aura. This collaboration with Catroux is one is a million. Another great gift to give.

David's website here

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