10 January 2017

chasing away the winter blues

actually, I should say chasing away the winter whites.
we in the northern part of North Carolina (along the Virginia border) had 10 inches of the white stuff over the weekend.
I do love it and while it freezes activity for the most part, my dog Zetta is worse than any kid in the snow.
She adores it.
In and out—I wipe her paws and belly up and she settles, then and hour later she wants Out again.
As I get older (?) I may be less fond of the SNOW and COLD.
I admit 2 degrees is a bit chilly.
By Thursday this week and Friday the temp promises to be in the 60s.
Yes, it should chase away the winter blues—Snow.
One Hopes.

On to the new year and all of its promise.

(the inspiring work of Lartigue. Biarritz 1905) 


  1. I get the blues every winter. I decided I need to go with the flow, but single digits... Ice storm coming this weekend.

  2. We were lucky enough to miss the snow here in Washington (although will have to weather another storm that blows in on the 21st....as we all will) but have had frigid temperatures. I understand why people "winter" elsewhere! brrrrr!



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