12 August 2017

She played her part...

“From the moment I read [it], I was fascinated by the lovely wayward, tempestuous Scarlett, “I felt that I loved and understood her, almost as though I had known her in the flesh. When I heard that the book was to filmed in Hollywood early in 1939, I longed to play the part.” ~VL

 The Vivien Leigh Collection is a lot of 250 pieces of fine art, memorabilia, personal photos and clothing belonging to the consummate actor being sold at Sotheby’s in London September 26, 2017.  

"Life’s pattern pricked with a scarlet thread / where once we were with a gray / 
To remind us all how we played our parts / In the shock of an epic day” 
~ Margaret Mitchell's inscription to Vivien Leigh inside  her leather bound copy of GWTW

Among the collection, is Leigh’s personal copy of Gone With The Wind, presented to her by the author  ( auction estimate $6,548 to $9,166), and her leather bound copy of the script (seen above) given to her by the film’s cast (estimate approximately $3,274 to $4,583). Apparently, Leigh kept a copy of the novel with her on set in order to assure the script remained true to Mitchell's words.

read more at Sotheby's here


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