09 December 2017


I was so thrilled to finally meet Olivia this fall when I was in Santa Barbara. She and her family are living on the Pacific Coast there. A California girl— and that's reflected in her blonde good looks, & easy style—that's peppered with great panache. Polished, yet effortless, she's the hands-on mother of three darling daughters. This year has seen her moving back to California, and starting a business that reflects that effortless style. The caftans of OLIVIA JOFFREY are inspired by the ones her mother wore. See them here.

This year she offers a few Christmas giving ideas and of course wouldn't mind receiving one of these treasures herself.

My friend Stuart Mesires of LADYBUG VINTAGE, here, in Chicago curates the most fabulous vintage costume jewelry that looks great with a caftan. I recently gifted myself a maltese cross that I wear on my waist with a sash. I have a few friends who would appreciate this kind of irreverent jewelry from girlfriend to girlfriend.

SCANLON APPARATI here, makes the most exquisite cartonnage accessories like this desk "boat" for business cards, paperclips etc  They are sold at Hollyhock in LA. the next time I am down in LA visiting my manufacturer, I plan to stop in and buy some of the tissue box covers, and perhaps a little miniature stage for my daughters.

For the men I know, A MAN & HIS WATCH would be a cool book to give. I met the author Matt Hranek when he was in Santa Barbara earlier this month. He is a very funny guy. So many great books have come out this year: How They Decorated, Haute Bohemians to name a few favorites. This book is a granular analysis of the dying art of the men's watch seen through the eyes of some famous 20thC men. The significance of the person who gives it to them, the inscriptions, like a tiny love note, is rather moving. It's beautifully packaged with a hard case.
Find it here.

Every time I walk into this tiny Montecito shop, MATE GALLERY I emerge with a true gem. They carry vintage seamen's blankets, nautical flags, full sets of vintage Hardy Boys books, surfer lip balm, little wooden nail brushes in the shape of a whale. They have pretty block printed napkins and unworn old Op shorts from the 70s. It is my go-to place locally for hostess gifts. They have an outpost in the Hamptons, and an online shop too. See it here.

When I lived in San Francisco I would lose hours in this tiny shop, BELL'OCCHIO here off Market Street run by the haute bohemienne Claudia Schwartz. I buy my little girls antique ribbon from her supply that we use in their hair at Christmas or as curtain tiebacks. She also carries an assortment of pretty paper, earrings, decor and magnificent matelasse boxes made custom for her in France... Her style is very feminine without a hint of twee. Her style is even a little subversive: sometimes she carries absinthe in little carafes.

 I love the idea of giving ribbon—as I child I wore my hair long and through the years I've collected all kinds of trims and bits of ribbon like Olivia. I've started wearing them again—going through a second childhood? `PGT


  1. Love the ribbon look Gaye. Oh to live in CA. My dream home. Happy holidays.

  2. MONTECITO has been EVACUATED!!!!!!!!!
    PENNY has flown the coop with the animals.........
    YOU might want to check in with LADIES!



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