14 January 2018

Everything you wanted to know about—David Hicks

David Hicks left the very best of legacies—two of his children are carving out their creative lanes individually and together by presenting their colorful father's copious scrapbooks in a new book—DAVID HICKS SCRAPBOOKS.

More than any biography, these scrapbooks give Hicks devotees an inside look at what made the man tick—and keep on ticking. India Hicks and Ashley Hicks are both powerhouses, expanding the boundaries of their father's design lexicon in their own endeavors.

the Hicks alphabet above, below the family's luggage tags



If you are a fan–and HICKS is one of these "modernists" that has endured, and will continue to do so. It's his ability to mingle the old, the antique, the ancient with color, geometry, masculinity (& without a hunt scene in sight) that has made his work Endure.

The book is a Chronology in HICKSIAN BEAUTY & STYLE in 1 weighty tome.

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