21 January 2018

this week: ATLANTA

I am excited to be speaking at The Cathedral Antiques Show on Thursday at 1:30. Once upon a time, I was in and out of Atlanta off to ADAC with clients. While that has diminished I always loved that design center. A quick trip it will be and then to Chattanooga to spend a little time with my niece.

If you're in Atlanta, I'd love to meet you at the lecture and book signing, or at the Preview Party on Wednesday night.
Check their website for details, here.

I've also just established a storefront "CACHE " on my website here. There are several pages of  things on the site, each page showing just THREE pieces in the collection so be sure to scroll through all five pages. I'll be adding pieces regularly.

1 comment:

  1. Regrets missing you in Atlanta, I completely whiffed on Cathedral.



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