05 April 2018

How They Decorated: Covering Bunny Mellon

One aspect of my book that couldn't be realized was my desire to point readers in the direction of current fabrics to use for recreating the decorating styles of the sixteen women I write about.
When I speak to groups, I often say—be inspired but don't copy.
So—with that in mind...

I thought I'd share a few of my picks for each of the women in posts this month.

Bunny Mellon was noted for her confidence— in the choices she made for rooms, gardens, art, etc. It all came down to what she loved most—everything she touched was guided by her love for Nature, and Pure Lines (not to be mistaken for Simplicity).

Her husband Paul Mellon said,  "Everything she does in life—her reading, her architecture, her love of pictures—is related in one way or another to this one main interest. To me, that is a very lucky thing for a person to have." Nowhere was this love more evident than her Oak Spring Farm house in Virginia.

 Cowtan & Tout's Honeysuckle

Charlotte Moss's Grenoble for Fabricut

Lisa Fine's Chiara above, and Baroda II below

Charlotte Moss's Ferrera for Fabricut

Schumacher's Citrus Garden

Lee Jofa's Pelham Stripe


  1. I adore all these classic, timeless fabrics. What a taste level Bunny Mellon had. The secret, in my opinion, is the simplicity and complete unpretentiousness of her houses.

    The very first chair (as I pat myself on the back) is the fabric I selected for the nursery of my "baby"!

    Ella, named after my mother. She just celebrated her 48th birthday. I would pick it again! Those butterflies!

    1. I forgot to say that I had matching wallpaper! The wallpaper was a white background with yellow butterflies; the fabric was yellow with white butterflies! identical! Same company......almost 50 years later......I still adore it!

    Every time I use LISTERNE now I think of HER!!!!!!

  3. Discovered Bunny via Vanity Fair article, her garden. Specifically, her stone terrace with meadow planted in spaces, photo in that article. Looked exactly like MY stone terrace meadow. Stopped me in my tracks, Who is this woman? Never heard of her, had to discover more.

    Joy, there was more to discover. Amazingly, yet again, Bunny's style, similar to a mentor I had, Mary Kistner. Mary died of old age, her memorial service at a museum, standing room only. Mary, had been the 1st female department store display decorator, after all the men went off to WWII. Yes, THE department store in downtown Atlanta, GA, Rich's.

    Bunny, and my Mary, peas in a pod. Something swirled in the air of their era, have been using 'Mary' lessons in interior design since I met her, adding Bunny of course.

    Bunny remains the only American I've come across, spanning decades, to design a meadowed flagstone terrace. She had me, into my DNA, from the moment seeing hers.

    Adored, of course, this post !



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