15 May 2018


The charms of the South are evident in this dynamic collaboration from the embroiderer extraordinaire Olympia Le Tan, and fashion guru & Capitol founder Laura Vinroot Poole!

In celebration of 20 years of fashion at the noted destination CAPITOL~ Charlotte, Laura has commissioned Le Tan to create a limited edition clutch. Le Tan is famous for her literary clutches and this one honors North Carolina writer Thomas Wolfe's seminal novel, Look Homeward Angel.

“Each moment is the fruit of forty thousand years.” Thomas Wolfe
Look, Homeward Angel

“His feeling for the South was not so much historic as it was
of the core and desire of dark romanticism--that unlimited and
inexplicable drunkenness, the magnetism of some men's blood that
takes them into the heart of the heat, and beyond that, into the
polar and emerald cold of the South as swiftly as it took the heart
of that incomparable romanticist who wrote The Rime of the Ancient
Mariner, beyond which there is nothing." Thomas Wolfe

Read about Laura's big celebration in Atelier Dore here and here.

photo from Atelier Dore by Veronica

Capitol's Capsule Collection here.

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  1. Wasn't Wolfe the one that said, "you can't go home again"? I always remember Katherine Anne Porter's retort when she said that's bs. It's the only place you can go.

  2. Yes, it's the name of one of his books-but of course its meaning is multilayered. Gaye



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