05 July 2018

paint by number, 2 to Know

Mary Katrantzou, Spring 2018 
Gustav Klimt Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, 1916


  1. Gaye, you are miraculous when it comes to finding matches. Clothes in the mags are so pretty right now.

  2. I love Klimt. The dress is sumptuous. Thanks for the connection. xoxo Mary

  3. Gaye, Your Blog has been the rich source of a library of Blogs and connections. Where did they disappear to? Your are the well from which I found richness and wonderful, beautiful sources. I hope they return.

  4. I enjoy your informative writing on many aspects of the arts, and a visit to your "Little Augury" is a frequent refreshment for me. This past week-end, I was puzzled at the disappearance of the companion list of blogs from fellow bloggers. It was a delight for me to visit even those that have stopped writing since they contain information (and recipes) that have been valuable to me. Will your list of friends return. I hope so. Thank you for your bright, sunny writing and your varied content.



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