22 April 2009

sunday in the park with Castaing

bewilderingly beautiful Madeleine Castaing

...the bench that had belonged to Madame Castaing highlights Tectona's close ties to the history of design

Muse and patron of Soutine, chose this perfectly proportioned restoration bench for her garden

Castaing's Leves


  1. She still has the capacity to mystify. I love that her inspirations often came from literature. I think she was genius, and of course, I am impressed by her will.

  2. doesn't she? so much written out there on the web right now. I am always drawn to reading and re reading about her. thanks for coming by. G

  3. so incredible and gifted. i love that she was a patron of soutine - my fifth favourite painter ; )

    cheers, -paul



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