22 August 2009

Picasso and the Lure of Language

to say Picasso was a genius is stating the obvious- & hardly adequate. In today's world genius is an overworked word and tells me I am limited by them to describe Picasso's work, I can only say...

He was Picasso.

He was a prodigy- easily supplanting his teacher- his father. Launching himself in Paris 1900, his prolific early works, his blue period, rose period, cubism, his politically charged works and his late works- place him at the pinnacle of art and artists.

1900 self portrait~ age 19

the lure of language

"Picasso's love affair with words began soon after his permanent move from his native Spain to the bohemian Montmartre section of Paris in 1904. It was there, in his studio at the “Bateau-Lavoir,” that he formed ardent friendships with a circle of important French writers and poets, including Max Jacob, Pierre Reverdy, and poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire, who encouraged artists of his generation to innovate violently!"
~ from the Nasher site

The Nasher Museum presents a groundbreaking exhibition examining Pablo Picasso's lifelong relationship with writers and the many ways in which language affected his work.

at the Nasher from August 20, 2009- January 3, 2010

Picasso's work at age 15

the First Communion

an incredible collection of Picasso's Early Works

& HERE, the On-Line Picasso Project


  1. My first thought in learning of you through your recent posting to my site was the imagery of your banner. It is so indescribably precious, I wanted to crawl into the frame and spend some uninterrupted time with this magnificent creature.

    Forgive the sentimentality, but it does, or did, grab my heart.

    And the riches followed from there. Wonderful blog.

    This post, among others, captivated me and the value of this exhibit compels me to enlarge the knowledge of it further.

    Again, thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. Consider me sufficiently beguiled to find my way back - repeatedly.

  2. LA -- So glad you've seen it. What an excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I'm adding a link to your post, btw.

  3. EA, Many thanks, the banner is one of two fotos I have in a collection- said to be done by a painter known only as Giraudon's artist. There is more info here.


    or see Giraudon's Artist in archives.
    I have perused your kaleidoscope too and am equally beguiled.



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