18 February 2010

embroidering Ottoline


Duncan Grant Firescreen 
embroidered by Ottoline Morrell
(circa 1912)
collection of Bryan Ferry

A sewing box holds Ottoline's silks and cotton reels, arranged in graded rows, some of the chair covers in this room were worked by her from Duncan Grant's designs. Rolled up behind a sofa ready for the evening's work is the magnificent flowered bedspread which Ottoline began embroidering in 1916, a brilliant jungle of silk leaves and blossom which took ten years to complete.
-from OTTOLINE MORRELL Life on the Grand Scale, by Miranda Seymour

image from Venetian Red blog Here


  1. Love the description of Lady Morrell's Bloomsbury drawing room in Seymour's book.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Who knew there was such talent in that Bloomsbury lot?

  3. HOBAC- I have marked so many passages in this book, and it is readable in bits over and over again.

  4. Blue, oh, haha! Ottoline must have been a brilliant stitcher.I would love to find a photo of that bedspread, surely somewhere?



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