20 May 2010

for 6 yards of French Merino

G.R.O. catalogue number: QCG 39

Prison number: 5

Date: December 28 1872

Name: Lavinia Rosetta Groves

Age (on discharge): 22 years

Where born: Lynmouth Devon

Married or single: Single

Trade or occupation: dressmaker

Address at time of apprehension: Marshes Road Newport

Offence for which convicted: Stealing 9 yards of linsey and 6 yards of French merino

Sentence: 1 calendar month hard labour
DO You ever have a secret-One of the BEST KEPT kind. So good, everyone should know-But I want to keep it to myself- Oh so selfish. But my friend Barbara, of It's About TIME, is sharing- SO TOO Shall I. Barbara has a gift-her profound knowledge, and yes she is generous beyond words. Four Blogs, and this one her most personal. 
SEE her post Dickens, Oliver and Girl's in Prison Here

The images are there on the sight she sites for all to see- but Barbara found them and they are riveting. 
& who stole the silk umbrella?

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  1. To go to It's About Time...I hope everyone will.

    The mouth on each girl tells the story they were not allowed to utter.

    Just look.

    Today, I will try to spend the day smiling. And maybe do so forever after.

    Only their eyes betray their youth. The rest -- could be forty years on. They each have the look of someone who has survived decades of grief.

    How lucky are we to be able to smile and look at the future?



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