20 May 2010

the Magnificent 7

One of the pleasures of this pursuit- getting a little pat on the back-in this venue it actually says-Someone  IS reading all this stuff and appreciates it.
Very Nice.
Thank You Very Much.
So many thanks to a new blog I have been enjoying recently- MADEMOISELLE POIROT
Her profile says "Originally from Paris and now trying to find my feet in London I have set up this blog to collect everything that inspires me" & herraison d'etre for establishing her blog is "For lack of attention a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day" & she also has a sweet tooth-

this little gem is the PROLIFIC BLOGGER AWARD.

  "A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive, 
keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content."

After accepting this award, recipients are asked to pass it forward to seven other deserving blogs.

BEST of all those bloggers can suggest several blogs they find worthy of a daily read.

They do not have to tell us things like:

I xo chocolate,
:( rainy days, 
:) rainbows after a storm
Happiness is a warm puppy.
(charlie brown)

You may well say-shameless self promotion!  little augury-
Do Remember I have been a practicing decorator, designer for going on 30 years. It would not be possible to have avoided such temptations to do that before.

I ask You-
Think about the BIG self promoters in the Home Design and Lifestyle business-Living and Not.. Don't you like them, in spite of what you may say?
& Yes,
I also sold furniture-some of the good stuff. This is when I learned  "How to Sell."  Why? I worked on commission most of those years. (the trenches)

There is one thing you learn and I believe (if you don't -you are doomed in this business of interior design):

Believe in your knowledge and believe you will be paid for it. A recommendation to a client is a Your Gift. They should and do appreciate it.  Something like-Madame X- You should absolutely -Go to the little dump of a dry cleaners in the little dump of a shopping center, next to the dump of a service station. They are the experts in how to keep a paillette  from melting. These are the things that make other matters-like insuring Madame X that the $20,000 sofa is worth every penny. It really is.

Now for the little assemblage of the sparkling paillettes that make up my 7 Prolific Bloggers- that I read daily and you should give them a go as well-


the catch- 
These 7 darlings have also been AWARDED
Christina Lindsay of Fashion's Most Wanted  graciously bestowed this award upon little augury. I found FASHION through the HOUSE OF BEAUTY AND CULTURE. Superb both Christina shares her take on fashion, beauty and gives us the occasional glimpse into her London life.
She says,  
"Whether it's the latest thing or something from a bygone age, if I like it I'll write about it


In tradition of that BEAUTY- I must tell seven things you may not know about me. Could it be possible there are actually 7 things I have not blabbed about on this thing ?

I actually DO xo chocolate,
I DO Love rainy days, 
& I firmly believe
Happiness IS a warm puppy.
(charlie brown)

I am a big animal lover-
not to the degree that I love them better than people-
Just Some.

I love cutting flowers-
Peonies, Heirloom Roses, Iris.

I am pleased that the wonderful
Charlotte Moss
at tete a tete has Little Augury on her blog links.

I read too many Blogs!

all the photographs are of Elsie de Wolfe- the first BIG SELF PROMOTER. What about a blog exclusively about Elsie? I have considered a second BLOG devoted to ONE of interest Woman in the World of Design. She is a possible, Suggestions?


  1. Pgt, I am so honored to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from you! Oh my...now comes the hard part. ; ) BTW... I just nabbed Christie's auction catalog {September 1999 Innovators of 20th Century Style}including property sold to benefit the Elsie de Wolfe Foundation. I'll post some of it soon. Thanks again!

  2. That final photograph of dear Elsie is exactly who I want to be in my dotage.

  3. Thank you for this list of what will be new and I am sure exciting blogs for me to read...Congratulations on your award and I just love these photographs...xv

  4. Dear PGT, thank you for doing that. Rainy days, chocolate, animals and beautiful flowers are wonderful choices. I love the picture of Elsie with the Cala lillies, fabulous xx

  5. We certainly DO READ our Little Augury......
    A daily dose is highly recommended to keep the Style Muscles Fresh, Fit + Strong. The Humor Intact and Our Taste Tuned. Some say an Apple...Little Augury works fine for me.

  6. Dearest Little Augury, I am flattered beyond belief, and swoon to be in such inestimable company. But, dearest, Reggie is a bit confused . . . please run me through what I am expected to do here? Several of these seven are also my "must reads" and perhaps would be repititious . . . and do I confess to seven secrets? Please advise. Your blushing admirer -- Reggie

  7. Oh my, I cannot believe that you included my blog in your list. You take my breath away. Now about self-promotion...I read your blog postings everyday, everytime you post. And each of these postings teaches me something. Something about beauty and timelessness and sensitivity to others. You are a teacher, Little Augury. And that is the essence of your posts. I am grateful to learn from you everyday and to have you honor me in this way. Thank you.

  8. oh Reggie Darling. I think including some of my picks as yours too is a wonderful Idea. It will reinforce.
    So- by all means. Yes, You may delve into the depths of your Darling soul secrets or merely post your favourite food, hotel or receipt for caramel icing. Whatever your heart desires! Gaye

  9. LA, I am off to see all these magnificents. awe

  10. barbara- I love dog earring your posts-love the nonchalant link today!!
    barbara II, I love its about time, as you know. Likewise to all.

  11. Vicki, doesn't elsie just do it for you too?

    Anon- do!

    Christina, thank You. it was fun.

    Pamela, don't we all. I would select any One of the EdW to retire too. I had to smile at the somewhat sensible shoe with the gown in the first picture. pgt

  12. Julio, well my my my! thank you. Just to get such praise is worth the posting effort. Glad you are getting a "little" bit every day, Gaye

  13. Dandy, what a great suggestion. I have thought about-Diana Vreeland, Mary Wortley Montague(not so much designer-but I do love her life, so fascinating, and de Wolfe. Gaye

  14. Dear Gaye,

    Yes, You do own the word "Little" in the blogosphere.
    And definitely...no bout adout it..your own "little" section in
    the style files of the early 21st century.

    You're welcome, Little Augury.

    Your devoted daily doser,


  15. Oh, Dear Little Augury!

    Humbled and flattered am I to have one of my favorite bloggers tag me. Now I must get to work and make my list----but oh, whom shall I nominate? I've been tagged twice this week by two favorites, so now I can't choose both of you, who would be at the list top....stay tuned!

    And Oh, how wonderful the Elsie de Wolfe pics!

  16. Sweet, sweet, Little Augury,
    What a terrific and unexpected delight! You’ve made my day – no, scratch that – my month! Now I must get to work…


  17. DED, you are most welcome. Of course you know I love Elsie too.

    MT, love seeing where this blog takes you.


  18. Little Augury,

    I was surprised and delighted to have you tag me. It made my day along with those exquisite images of Elsie de Wolfe.

    Many Thanks!

  19. Loved this post! We are talking not just about blogs but the people behind them, so some blogs could well be off the magnificent list as you don't get to "see" the person and the passion that inspired the blog, but plain pages. I would vote for the MT for now and will have to visit the other blogs listed.

  20. THE GLEAM of an heroic act,
    Such strange illumination—
    The Possible’s slow fuse is lit
    By the Imagination!

    [emily, of course]

    It seems to me that each of your posts is an heroic act.

    I thank you, humbly and from the deepest part of my heart, for including me.


  21. Kendra, you are so welcome

    Victoria- you are so welcome, and I love emily dickinson of course.

  22. la musa, glad you have joined us! I am now following your blog. pgt

  23. And my goodness do you deserve this award. I read many blogs, but you my dear take the cake! You do such thought provoking, well researched, non snarky beautiful posts. I learn so much from you! I look forward to browsing the blogs you have awarded!

  24. Emily, thank you.there are many good blogs out that keep us on our toes and I am inspired by a number of them. Snarky wears thin for me. I hope you will like my suggestions-Well- I know that you will . Gaye

  25. You never stop roving, do you, Dynamic Augury? Thanks for sharing your booty!

  26. i love the various photos of lady mendl.
    i've always wanted to visit her petit trianon.
    i'm also quite fond of the story,
    that while living in l.a. during wwII,
    all of the furniture in the house combined,
    did not equal the cost of one of her good pieces.



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