08 November 2010

eco Alabama Chanin


now you can vote for something you really love- really.  all made by hand-by Alabama artisans & designed by Natalie Chanin

the CFDA is looking for THE MOST ECO DESIGNER? could it be anyone else? Here is what Natalie Chanin says about Alabama Chanin.

I've followed her work for years. go to the Alabama Chanin site and EXPLORE here 

go to this page & VOTE- HERE 
make your VOICE, and choice heard.

make your eco designer favorite known.

the Alabama Chanin Denim Collection

this collection is something else-

& the guys get something too-

all the images are from Alabama Chanin here



  1. Love Alabama Chanin and the fact that they are all about honoring our environment with sustainable design.

  2. Close to home is all eco is about! Sustainability... I like!

  3. do see their collections and vote for them if you will. I love their work and have for some time-they were doing all this stuff before anyone was-and such an amazing community of local people working for them. pgt

  4. I voted earlier today. I hope they are the winners. They have been doing it longer than any of the others and better too.

  5. Dear LA, I have never heard of Alabama Chanin but have been most interested to read your article about them. The core of their business is to be applauded and their designs look effortlessly wearable.I do so hope that they will be winners.

  6. Interesting designs!Love the new banner by the way!



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