06 August 2012

Lillium formosanum

to my delight a wonderful gardener and blogger-I don't plan to reveal her name at the moment-lest she be bombarded with requests for bulbs, sent me these bulbs!
No, dear __________, I don't want to share!

The gracious gardener-Sandra Jonas, has opened the doors!, Her beautiful blog  Recreating Eden... is a "go to garden source" for me. I am a gardener wanna be and I somehow feel Sandra is a flower godmother of sorts-there's something about her freedom in opening up the rules a bit to suit-and finding solutions in the Southern climate where we both dwell - thank you Sandra.

suffice it to say I am overwhelmed with Lillium formosanum.

according to ___________, Allan Armitage* warns gardeners:

“Unfortunately bulbs are susceptible to virus diseases, particularly lily mosaic. The virus causes rapid decline of the bulb and increases the potential of infection to other bulb species in the garden. To avoid infection, it is not advisable to plant Formosa lilies among other lilies.” Last year it seemed ___________ was dismayed to read that in Armitage -but thankfully I read __________ blog & was warned. In a bed absent of bulb mates-
Lillium formosanum is ecstatically blooming.

 _____________ suggests planting Lillium formosanum with Hydrangea  paniculata SO...

maybe Next Year-but for the moment---As _____________  says I am savoring my Beverly Nichols moment-INDEED!

Beverly Nichols writes : "The regal lilies do indeed praise the Lord. Some of my own, last summer were so exultant that they praised Him through no less than thirty snow-white trumpets on a single stem, and even the most accomplished angel could not do much better that that." (Forty Favourite Flowers, BN)

& I must admit I am having a Mary Delany moment too! 


 Mary Delany's Collages of coloured papers, with bodycolour and watercolour, on black ink background.

 Mrs. Delany, as she is affectionately known-was 72 years old when she took this task in hand-so it's never too late, I have 20 years on Mary, yet not so sure about her skills.

Flora Delanica, as her collection of 1000 botanical + “paper mosaicks,” is known, is detailed and intricate. Her stunning realism was admired by the likes of artist Sir Joshua Reynolds & the botanist Sir Joseph Banks, who said her "mosaicks" were the only imitations of nature he had seen where he would venture to describe any plant without fear of committing error.

A great patron of Mrs. Delany was Queen Charlotte, and both Charlotte and the King decreed that any and all of their most interesting and beautiful flowering plants be transported to the lady immediately.

 Surely an application to natural beauties must enlarge the mind? 
Can we view the wonderful texture of every leaf and flower... "Wonderful and marvellous Art thou in All thy works!" MARY DELANY

& how do I thank __________?
must dig up something.
Now a proper thank you to Sandra and a way to share-with bountiful results for Me and my readers,



Sandra's an expert- read more about her at Recreating Eden... here
I've linked her blog in the text- but here it is if you missed it! here

Sandra's LILIES  here-  and more details here


* Allan Armitage  is THE acknowledged expert in herbaceous perennials & is professor in the department of Horticulture, University of Georgia. Author of Herbaceous Perennial Plants. A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes. (a must for every garden library)



  1. I love both Delany and Nichols, and combines with lillies is a triumvirate of delight! And I have to say, images of Lillium formosanum photographed at night has me ecstatic.

  2. I adore both your references - Nichols and Delany.
    And I keep white lilies in my sitting room. Always.

  3. How lucky for you! What a lovely friend to send you the bulbs. The quote from Beverley Nichols made me smile, I adore him. And have read all of his books. A friend of mine has a lily party every August inspired by Beverley Nichols. Enjoy your gorgeous flowers!

    1. Sunday it is the best way to my mind-I am reminded of my GrandMother and her neighbors and friends visiting with a sack or basket of bulbs or flowers. These flowers always seem to grow better. I would LOVE to have that sort of party-everyone in white-but Oh the humidity! pgt

  4. A relative of mine recently painted some white lilies that I had presented her- once also before a black BG and once with a self-portrait. I love flowers and enjoy seeing others' growths and inventions!

    1. V. another way of giving- as I mentioned in the above comments. I think when friends do these simple things and even bigger things like painting them- they are celebrations of that friendship and in multiplies-just like these Lilies will. pgt

  5. Hi there!
    Sybil Connolly used Mrs Delaney's flowers for Tiffany's which was one of the ways she helped Ireland's economy! (also through her use of the lovely tweeds, crystal and lace (in her fashions)!

    Mrs. Delaney must go down in history as a gifted artist!

    and the Irish need another Sybil Connelly......don't think she wlll be again; sad to say!

    1. Do you have any of the Sybil Connelly pieces-I am always tracking them. YOu are so right-she had such charm. pgt

  6. Beautiful, glorious lilies. I love the Mary Delany folios--but lets not forget Bessler who started the horticulture rendering craze way back in the early 17th c. I have a couple original Besler engravings--love them. thanks. Mary

    1. A REAL gathering of Mrs Delany here at little augury I am delighted to host. I have the oversize Besler book and love it.

  7. Wonderful photos! I was wondering if they were blooming for you yet.
    I have been away and back just in time to cut a bouquet! Glad you are enjoying them.

    1. AH HA! the Lady reveals herself! I am so glad you did, but as I said in the posting-I hated for you to be over run with requests! You are wonderful to share-and as with the comments I made above nothing is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers from the bulbs, seeds or cuttings of a friend.PGT

  8. I've updated the posting- and Sandra of Recreating Eden... is the mystery gardener-go back and read a bit about Sandra and her blog! thanks for all the wonderful comments- and just a bit more tomorrow-maybe. pgt

  9. what a special gift...so kind! And being that I'm still immersed in whimsically lush world of Beverley and his precious lilies this very moment, this post was a special gift as well! I was actually googling his Sudbrook home and garden today, and even though there were no lilies...the garden is still quite stunning, he would be very proud of it I think!

    Thank you for the intoduction to both Sandra and Mary...I look very much forward to 'getting to know' each of these lovely and talented ladies more!
    xo J~



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