08 August 2012

variations on a theme:

Lillium formosanum
& Mrs.Delany

 another lady in black.
 and the lily- the most recent incarnation of Mrs. Delany, from Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent.


 from Fall 2012 at Vogue.com

& never one to shy away from appearing in a little augury story-Carolina Herrera- with her own ideas on black and floral-here in on her shift-an herbarium flower, tape and all-

 from Spring 2012 at Vogue.com

& with the onset of some rain today-the Lilies came in-
I welcomed them.

& tonight they submitted to more braggart-y photographs from Me, and what did I do?
-just dug the holes for the bulbs,

No, Wait, that was my brother.

& my benefactress?
Sandra Jonas, perhaps in the spirit of the story, my Duchess of Portland, or my Queen Charlotte- emerged from the cloak I wrote her in- at  EDEN, here.

No-you're not seeing double, Sandra brought her Lilies inside to hold court too.

...to be continued.



  1. As always, a perfect post. The Carolina Herrera dress is also perfect. thank you. Mary

  2. Mary D's collaged watercolours are a London favourite,
    I've never seen the black grounded portrait, nice!
    mal E (downunder)

  3. love Mary Delaney's work....wow, and that blue vase. Another mature lady busy cutting flowers of another sort at post below


  4. Your bouquet and that vase is stunning....so is that Carolina Herrera dress!

    Duchess of Portland or Queen Charlotte indeed!!!

    Can I borrow your brother?



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