08 July 2013

Color from CANOVAS

Summer calls for BLUE, don't you think?
In addition to that auto-Cool color, I've been drawn to some samples I've been getting from MANUEL CANOVAS. The palette and presentation from CANOVAS is always a seduction of sorts.

Lavender, Lilac-colors that are chameleon like.

The fabric VOYAGE EN CHINE is a celebration of color and design. The Canovas brand is noted for large brilliant cottons- 

Voyage En Chine on the curtain panels.

  Remember these rooms I waxed over in Canovas' once home? 
the post here.

(pictured are PALI, and below Bien Aimee)

...pattern within the pattern, soft sketched faces, Isn't it beautiful?

I'm drawn to bold pattern and COLOR- Remember this fabric? 

It's now hanging in my dining room and once was the inspiration for my rooms in a previous home.
It's another Manuel Canovas-Marie Amelie-

I'll never tire of it.
here is the post Curtain Call, all about the resurrection of these curtains into the dining room.

COLOR-it's what I am honing in on NOW.



  1. Gaye I am absolutely in love with this color palette! Canovas a genius!

    2013 Artists Series

  2. I love it--especially after years of gray and beige!

  3. Lord have mercy! The last fabric (discontinued!)
    By Canovas; is on sofas in my daughter's living room (decorated by my so way fabulous nephew !!! A few years ago! BRILLIANT!

    Patrick Michael Sheedy!!!


  4. Love, love, love all those fabrics - beautiful!

  5. Perfect for summer! If I squint at the first photo, it almost looks like a garden full of big flowers, dahlias, probably. The yellow room in your 2010 Canova post hit the spot. I just picked up a handful of yellow paint samples this weekend. Time to make some changes to those all-white living room walls! Thanks for another inspiring post, Gaye.

  6. In antiquity Canovas designed some downmarket bed linens for a mass producer, in a palette of cream, camel and gray; could have been from the old Jaeger playbook, if that rings a bell. Anyway I found these sheets to be irresistible, and not to give undue credit to one's own contributions, to very lively others as well. By the way I didn't notice any beige in that mix, but I cannot claim to be a specialist.



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