05 May 2009

Curtain Call

Having moved back to my roots, Yes- I am back in the small Southern town I grew up in, as did my mother and her mother & after three + years, I have finally unloaded my second storage space!

After moving to a smaller house -the Little Tudor, ALL my STUFF just did not fit-stylewise or spacewise.
Yet still, there is a lot in this little Tudor house-things I am not ready to part with, and things that I could not fit into the storage space or two attics! The houses were so different-I wanted the Little Tudor simpler. Simpler life, simpler house.

Well, as the storage space emptied out, THERE were the curtains- My Bohemian Preppy printed linen curtains-a Manuel Canovas fabric called-Marie Amelie-the first thing I picked out for the Old house I always wanted and would live in forever. I could not leave these gorgeous things or use them in the Little Tudor.

Maybe it was time to reconsider- So up they went. I like them. I actually love them. I had compromised on color in the little Tudor after lots of color in the other house. Now it's time for color in this Little Tudor.

Here are the results- along with the first life of the curtains and the sad before pictures of the Dining Room of the Little Tudor.

Act I

Curtain opens on "Salon" in the Old House.

"if there's one thing decorating is, it's personal"

Act II

Curtain opens on the Sad Dining Room of the Little Tudor (this is the part you can laugh at- or cry!)
"if you fall in love with something, that's all that matters. Your love protects you from all upsets."

Curtain opens on the Dining Room of the Little Tudor with unlined printed velvet Nobilis curtains from an upstairs room at the Old House.
"charm is augmented by a sense of nonpermanence."

Act IV

Curtain opens on Marie Amelie curtains in the Dining Room of the Little Tudor.
"to get a room that sizzles with personality, you've got to take risks. a person with a real flair is a gambler at heart."

Bravo! (take a bow)
"I'd Love to see less and less studied decoration and more and more things chosen because you Love them, That's the whole point really." BILLY BALDWIN- the great modern American Decorator

(all quotes by BILLY BALDWIN)


  1. Great posting and the Baldwin quotes stellar. Perfect for the play. XX

  2. I know the play was not written in a day and the photos represent hours of work and play. You have created a work of art to live in... spectacular!

  3. Interesting.
    I am also back in the house I grew up, after 5 years abroad.
    I do not really know how to deal with that.
    Time shall bring answers...

  4. Anon- Aug. 16th. I wish I had been able to go back to my growing up house or my GranMa's. The house will tell you in time. pgt



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