14 July 2014

Mark Sikes & Leading Men

The current issue of Veranda features the Hollywood Hills home of designer Mark Sikes. Mark's blog is always buzzing with fashion, and interior design-past and present.
His home is indicative of these loves. His rooms don't live in the past-but references abound.

I've paired Marks rooms up with some of my favorite leading men.

 Hubert Givenchy's chateau, Le Jonchet, guest room swathed in Braquenie's Tree of Life.

Mark follows Givenchy's lead and uses the same fabric in one of his guest rooms.

Another guest room at Sikes' home was inspired by a tented room in Charlottenhof Palace designed by architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel around 1826.

I immediately thought of Bill Blass when I saw this beautiful room. He'd love the masculine heft, and the restraint, along with the dog, the leather, the books-and I think there's probably even an ashtray tucked away somewhere.

Mark's living room is cool, elegant-and smooth.My eye can't help but see Fred Astaire-dancing on the chairs- and finessing his way up those bright white walls.

Classic-Stylish-& with plenty of aplomb-

The dining room seems like the perfect place for studying the mounting oversize interior and art books the designer has collected. A place for scholarly pursuits-like the great Mark Hampton, who as a designer went beyond just pretty rooms to write several books about designers who inspired him.

Mark says in the article-he likes to decorate with "a point of view," and develop "a cohesive story." There's a certainly a story here-as the pages of Veranda confirm, but I see a blockbuster-with Mark Sikes as its leading man.

Read the story in Veranda Here
thanks to Veranda for the terrific photographs by Roger Davies


  1. COPY, it's the 1st rule of landscape design.

    Client shows me pics of what they like? You know they are having it ! Reborn, fresh, new.

    Each site is unique so every 'copy' will be unique.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Gaye - I couldn't agree more -! Just discovered his work in Veranda - It's just - PERFECTION-!

  3. One of my favorite posts ever! xo, N.G.

  4. Love your pairings Gaye and I could not adore Mark or his home more!

    The Arts by Karena



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