14 January 2009

His NEW White House Crush

he new White House designer IS....
MICHEAL SMITH- another spot on pick from the OBAMAS. I think Michelle made this pick, though as a designer- I suspect that Barack would be the sort that would take an interest in these decisions- as most young couples enjoy the process more by working together. The new president elect has much much more on his mind these days- best left in the hands of this expert.

excerpted from his book: " I have crushes on places. Right now, it's Mallorca, where I am designing a house.
I speak my four words of Spanish with a Catalan lisp. I'm driving around in my car listening to old recordings of warbling Mallorcan folksingers. It's really a throwback to my childhood, this obsession thing. And it has become the way I work. The best part is that I'm able to have multiple crushes at the same time: Mallorca. London. Montana. Millbrook. Malibu. Anywhere I'm doing a house." (insert The White House)

There is a wonderful post of Domino's Deborah Needleman with MICHAEL SMITH that is a must read. Within this interview, you get a real feel for his work and you can't help but like it- or Michael Smith. I am certain he is a fun guy to be around-Lucky clients.

Smith's juxtapositions of modern and antique are what make him a favorite of mine- context and historical reference are all present along with a relaxed elegant West Coast vibe. Even his formal rooms say....

SIT DOWN, RELAX and yes- do take your shoes off.

A picture is worth a thousand words- from his new book- Michael S Smith HOUSES.


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  1. This is wonderful. I thought I was the only one who had crushes on houses. I'm currently in love with about ten of them, but the one I'm living in is the one I love most. I will definitely check out Michael Smith's book.
    Thank you, Little Augury, for leaving a comment on my blog, or I never would have found this one! I love it!



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