30 January 2009

Lauren Hutton FACE

"Our wrinkles are our metals of the passage of our life... I don't think I will ever cut my face, because once I cut it, then I never know where I've been. Lauren Hutton

I can not imagine any real woman that does not like- LOVE- Lauren Hutton. I received an email from Jenna- J.Crew's creative wonder yesterday with new J.Crew spring styles that featured Hutton. I shop at J.Crew- Doesn't everyone?

Go to the site and see the incredible pictures of Lauren Hutton.

the email from J. Crew

Lauren Hutton for J. Crew

Lauren Hutton is- I might point out- a Never Married Woman. Does anyone ask her Why? She is southern girl- born: Charleston South Carolina - that is, born in 1943. That makes her what? 65? I find that amazing!

Lauren Hutton and J.Crew: a perfect fit. Two American fashion forces that are true originals. The pictures are in black and white. When you look at the photographs think about the amazing sights those eyes have seen- now punctuated with the wisdom of age. Hutton is also proof that women of a certain age can pull off long hair. She would not be Lauren Hutton without the slightly wild mane of golden & now some gray tresses-no doubt. Take a look at the hands of a woman that has not sat on the sidelines getting manicures every week.

Recently, Cate Blanchett said her husband would divorce her if she turned her face, body over to plastic surgery. First thought- why would she? She is another Lauren Hutton type- an absolute original. On second thought- the pressures of her industry and Hutton's as well seem to dictate it. Just take a look at the faces of Madonna ad Demi Moore- I've had the younger generation swear the early pictures, movies of both are not in fact-Them. Their faces bear a resemblance to the public face we see today -but not an Original.

Take a look at MS. Hutton- Live and Learn.

Hutton by Avedon

FYI- In poking about to see what J.Crew is all about I found this great BLOG devoted to J.Crew- jcrewaholics


  1. I don't think Lauren Hutton looks attractive on the current J Crew catalog. She looks almost a little crazy.

    The models inside the catalog all look about 20 years old.

    What demographic does J Crew want to attratct?

  2. Diane-glad you found my blog. I think she looks pretty phenomenal. I find with J.Crew like most catalogs- the models look that young or if not young -pretty perfect in the clothes they are showing. I do think J.Crew can be worn by 50+, and Well- I am practically there.

  3. I liked seeing Lauren Hutton on J.Crew's cover. While I am a 20-something, I really do believe that J.Crew is trying to target women of all demographics. The brand really does have something for everyone from fun hair accessories to professional suiting. I love the CrewCuts line and I love the new concept stores that they have opened up in New York last year. The Collection store is beautiful and the new Liquor store is great for men.

    Also, thanks for linking to my blog in your entry! :)

    But I just wanted to point that the link does not work.

  4. I am going to fix that! thanks for taking time to comment and please return.

  5. Although I applaud Lauren Hutton's natural looks, I was disappointed to see her on the cover of the J. Crew catalog I recieved in the mail today. Perhaps the reason is because in my mind, her association with the GAP clothing brand is still so memorable to me.
    I like the J. Crew brand and shop there religiously. One of the reasons I shop there was the fresh, bold, bright approach to clothing. J. Crew increasingly gained my loyalty over the years after I had tired of Banana Republic (and I had tired of the GAP much earlier than that).
    I'm trying to understand why J.Crew would use a model and face that so distinctly represented a faltering, competing brand. It just seems unoriginal, uninspired and not in keeping with my image of the brand.

  6. thanks for stopping by- I found Lauren Hutton to be identifiable. As you can tell from my post 50 is just around the corner for me. I think J.Crew is trying to draw in an older woman that is confident and fit and enjoys a more fashionable approach to this sort of dressing. It will be interesting to see the Michelle Obama effect has long term on its direction. Nonetheless- great clothes are at J. Crew. Again thanks for the post- I love to get a dialog going.

  7. Lauren Hutton's still modeling.... wow thats crazy, her makeup line must be the key ingredient to whats making Lauren Hutton still look so good,

  8. You should know- thanks for cluing me in- I am headed to your site. You do look fantastic-Inspiring. Great to see you on the cover of JCREW- they got it right. Thanks for the comment- come back again

  9. I grew up with Lauren Hutton as the THE model of the day. I absolutely love seeing her in J.Crew. Have you seen the clothes they push at J.Jill and other generic Over-40 types stores. I need to know how to put together clothes that don't look dowdy but also don't look cheap and trendy. I say J. Crew could run with the 45-65 crowd.

  10. One more thing. I think women my age (early 50's) who don't live in New York, Chicago or L.A. have a little challenge knowing how to put together an outfit at J.Crew that looks age appropriate. Great affordable clothes but someone show me how to take them from 20's -30's to 50's and chic. As you can tell, I'm all for the mature and mindful women market.

  11. I agree- right there with you soon to be 50! It would be a fun task to lay it out. Maybe I will consult a fashion maven I know and ask her to give it a go. thanks!G



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