23 January 2009


I have just adopted a new dog- a doll really and have named her ZETTA. She is over a year old and her first three days acclimating have been stellar. Remus the cat- is carefully staked out along the stair or observing from the counter heights- as ZETTA gets to know whose turf is whose and what territory they can share. Once Remus recognizes that ZETTA is friend-not foe, he will fall in love. Remus misses Moses as much as I do- and has mourned his loss.
Zetta- Day1

I worked with a terrific private adoption group called SAVING GRACE. Along with my new ZETTA- named for my dear friend and mentor- Sandford Peele's beloved dachshund, ZETTA. ZETTA is a lively greyhound bull terrier mix? A gorgeous brindle color with heavy kohl circle brown eyes- She puts me in mind of Pola Negra or some gypsy queen. Her ears are completely over sized- another, for me, selling point. I surfed every adoptable dog in North Carolina and continually returned to THAT ONE!

From previous posts, it's obvious how supportive I've been of our new president and have collected a LOAD of graphic design posters with great Obama images. There is an entire site -THE OBAMA ART REPORT- devoted to artists creating Obama imagery- a new art force in its own right. A favorite of mine- Shepard Fairey's HOPE- has morphed into another image- ADOPT. Can you believe it? In true Warholian deconstruction cheek- Fairey's ADOPT has an entire website devoted to this cause.

I can't wait to see what kind of dog the Obama girls select and what they will name it? any ideas?


  1. Zetta's got lovely brindling. When I start my mule farm that's the pattern I'll be striving for.
    The Courier-Times is textbook passive-aggressive today.I'm going to hurl some personal insults at Brinn and Phyliss.
    It's good to see the wreckage this administration has made of their pretense to sanity.

  2. Love that poster. And, Zetta.

    There was an interesting op-ed piece in today's WaPo on the Obama family's future pup. I put it on my dog blog: http://mythreepups.blogspot.com/

  3. How adorable Zetta is, with those ears and that tilt of the head.

    Your posts/photos are thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks.



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