14 March 2009

Galliano's Russian Reign

"we shall find peace. we shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds" ~anton chekhov

Though the fashion of my day is far remote from John Gallian0's Fall Collection, I am inspired!

His creative genius makes a RUSSIAN collection look totally fresh and never explored. Yves Saint Laurent turned to Russia for inspiration in 1976 with his Ballet Russe Collection. The Collection was shown in Paris this week.
(All pictures are from Style.com and quotes by Russian authors, artists)

"deprive a mirror of its silver and even the czar won't see his face." ~Russian proverb

"I admit that twice two makes four is an excellent thing, but if we are to give everything its due, twice two makes five is sometimes a very charming thing too"

"what a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness!"~tolstoy

"stretch your legs according to your clothes"~old Russian proverb

"all cats are grey at night"~old
Russian proverb

"bring me my swan costume"~ anna pavlova

"a corner draft fluttered the flame, and the white fever of temptation, upswept its angel wings that cast a cruciform shadow." boris pasternak

"rooster today, feather duster tomorrow~Russian proverb

true strength is delicate~ louise nevelson

"for every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it."~ ivan panin

"God gives talent. work transforms talent into genius"~ anna pavlova



  1. my dear- of course these would appeal, the crosses especially, an interesting accessory.M.

  2. A. Isn't Galliano a genius? I think so.



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