10 March 2009

oh no they didn't

would not be amused.

nor would Ingres.

sometimes I wonder what in the world advertisements are meant to accomplish-

...of course I know it is to SELL the thing- but when I see something like this it shocks my steely sensibilities. they have become very steely and it takes a great deal to shock. at times SHOCK can be a wonderful tool- it conveys the message with imagery meant to shock. In this case- I am sure this was not the intent- what was their intent: to say great jewelry-great art. No so fast.

This Comtesse was wearing a simple gold ring and bracelet. The grand-daughter of Madame de Stael- one of the most fascinating women in Europe," she was also a remarkable person in her own right and the author, among much else, of a two-volume life of Byron and an unpublished autobiography that is remarkable for wit, candor and breadth of perception."

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (French, 1780–1867) Comtesse d’Haussonville, dated 1845 Oil on canvas, 51 ⅞ x 36 ¼ inches (131.8 x 92) The Frick Collection, New York


  1. Hi, I just came upon your blog from Habitually Chic. I love your posts and how you gather ideas, photos, and opinions.

  2. E, Thank you so much for stopping by and continue to check out things.though new to the blog, community I have been decorating for over 25 years-oh! art and design and history are my passions and their overlapping nature continues to fascinate and provide. G

  3. I am always impressed when passion and hard work collide!

  4. my dear, art such as this is not to be toyed with. m.

  5. I'm having a great time reading through your blog -just followed to you from aesthetes lament -love your combination of history, architecture, fashion and art -similar to my own blog! I'm adding you to my blog roll today!

  6. AD.thanks so much- I enjoy reading yours as well. SO young and already so focused on what makes IT tick, Not that I am ancient- but perhaps in Blog years I am. Still getting the hang of it. Come BACK. G.



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