11 April 2009

Easter Parade


Easter Bonnet... the Cushwa Girls. My Mother and her mother and sisters~ (l to r- Bessie Mae Pettigrew Cushwa-Gramma, aunt Hank, BETTY ANNE center, ( My Mom), aunt Annette Mae, aunt Helen Charles.

My mom tells the delightful story of her sister
Hank, yes that's her name, Really! a nickname lovingly bestowed upon her by the only Cushwa "boy" George. BACK to Story. Betty Anne and Hank were at church one Sunday and both enthusiastically reached for the hymnal and the nettings, flowers and such in their hats got tangled helplessly together and they were stuck. Giggles, laughing, and I am sure deft parting ensued.

(below)Today's Catch...My Father (Norman Louis) as a little- in motion redhead, his nickname- RED, with pet bunny, Hon.

When asked by me about the picture- He would say "we were so poor I had to go out and catch my dinner if I wanted to eat!" That was my dad conjuring stories, the true and the "tall tale" kind that prevailed throughout my life as his daughter.




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