12 April 2009

Betty Anne's Name Day

a page from my mother's baby book

Betty Anne Cushwa

one of the many mementos my gramma lovingly saved for Sugar Cushwa

as a young lady

as a young mother

Happy Birthday BA, April 12.

I'd like to be the air of spring, At flowering of the dawn.
I'd hover low on gentle wings , ruffling blades of grass
Spilling jewels in sparkling array, As I tiptoe past.
I'd beckon trees on bended knee, And watch them bow to me.
Then with a whisper, I'd kiss the flowers
Tenderly, tenderly, Never mussing a fragile petal.
And with the full bloom of dawn, I'd gather my robes about me-
And disappear with only a whisper-
I was here-
I was here.
~Betty Cushwa Tapp


  1. fortune smiles on the child who knows their parent as a poet

  2. a wonderful tribute to your mother-

  3. What a great post...I love your mother's poem!

  4. How sweet, our mothers share the same birthday!
    What a beautiful lady inside and out!

  5. This is so sweet, happy birthday to your mother, she's looking wonderful!

  6. I love the photo of your Mom in a bathing suit. So elegant and GORGEOUS.....

  7. my favorite too- from an old Polaroid. G

  8. I've been reading and getting lost in your world, and this post is so plainly honest and beautiful.



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