06 May 2009

lingering near

place of honor near my working desk -Moses- by Patricia van Essche

corner of the gardens at Melbourne Hall-photographed by Tobias Harvey

What thou lovst well remains.

The rest is dross-

What thou lovst well shall not be

reft from thee-

erza pound


  1. Thank you for hanging Moses in a prominent spot for you to feel his soul nearby. I love the color of your walls.... looks like lilacs in bloom!

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  3. I do love this sweet little painting. M.

  4. Is that your chair with the blue fabric? Looks like Madeleine Castaing - is that right?


  5. Lana- Yes that is M Castaing. I- like everyone have knelt at the altar. I actually had this chair and the same in curtains in a little dressing area-that I turned into a closet from necessity. I now have the curtains in my kitchen- I hope to do a little post about something Castaingish soon. I love this fabric best- though used one other of hers on a porch- all faded now,Looks great! Thanks so much for visiting.G



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